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New Guidance on Community-based Biodiversity Monitoring Available

From Transformative Pathways comes a new guidance on community-based biodiversity monitoring. Developed for use by Indigenous Peoples, local communities and their partner organisations, this guide aims to support the design and implementation of self-determined biodiversity monitoring processes.

This practical guide provides key questions and information about each stage of the biodiversity monitoring process, supporting the community to develop a relevant and effective monitoring plan from beginning to end.

● Who will carry out the monitoring?

● What tools are most appropriate for their needs?

● What will they use the data for and how will they present it?

With these questions and more, this tool includes guidance to support Indigenous Peoples and local communities to collect data in a way that meets their monitoring needs. This could be to inform the sustainable use of resources at a community level, or as a means to gather evidence to strengthen their land rights claims in the eyes of national or international decision makers.

Read and share the report!

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